How I Teach the Yoni Egg Practice

Yoni eggs are one of the most powerful tools to awaken your sexual potential. Their benefits include:

  • awakening sensation & pleasure in the vagina
  • healing numbness, tension, pain, or trauma
  • strengthening your pelvic floor (preventing urinary incontinence, uterine prolapse, and a weak vagina)
  • dissolving dissociation towards your vagina
  • revving up your life-force energy as a woman (creativity, purpose, fulfillment!)
  • intensifying orgasms
  • and more...

There are a lot of ideas out there about how to properly use a yoni egg. Some women will simply wear their egg throughout the day, exercise with it in, or even sleep in it.

While I understand some women find that this helps them to bring awareness to their vagina, and/or they want to absorb the healing properties of the crystal into their yoni...

Wearing the egg continuously, or not emphasizing the relaxation intervals in between each movement can contribute to unwanted tension in the vagina.

I also do NOT advise simply wearing your egg throughout the day as it does not involve the TWO MOST IMPORTANT aspects of the yoni egg practice.

1. Intention:

When you set aside specific time (you only need 10-15 min!) to do your yoni egg practice, this devoted attention and INTENTION will hugely amplify the results you experience. Where intention goes, energy flows!

2. Resistance:

The reason I only sell drilled yoni eggs is so that you can thread string through them, and pull on the string to create RESISTANCE as you engage your muscles around the egg. The resistance amplifies the effects of this practice in the same way that lifting weights is a lot more effective for creating awareness and strength than simply moving a body part around. There is an entire technique for this practice that involves breath and different areas of the vagina - which I teach about more in-depth in Viva La Vagina (Week 4).

You can browse yoni eggs in the shop here, and if you live in Calgary, you can even come over and pick out the exact egg you want!

Feel free to ask any other questions about yoni eggs below.

Courtney xx