Sexuality is a profound portal for personal transformation.

My fascination with sexuality and helping people awaken their true sexual potential is not just to help them get off or have epic sex - it's to help people awaken their authentic self.

Your sexuality (and your vagina) is at the core of who you are. So when you explore this part of yourself, you ignite your true depth.

The depths of pleasure and orgasm that you can experience are unavoidably influenced by the SAME FACTORS that influence how you show up in the world.

For example, if you have a hard time letting go of control or letting yourself be seen for who you truly are by others - these are the same barriers to experiencing internal orgasms, because these orgasms require a serious level of surrender and openness.

(By the way, EVERY woman is capable of experiencing internal orgasms).

You have to be willing to let yourself become unhinged. You can't filter what comes out of you. You reveal who you really are - all of the suppressed shit inside of you that you probably don't even know is there.

So as you reach greater sexual depths, you transform how you are showing up in the world.

If you want to get to know yourself, reveal your true gifts, and unleash your purpose in life, diving deep into your sexuality is the magic key.

For women, I recommend that you begin this journey by taking a deep, thorough look at your relationship and connection with your vagina. 

In doing this, you will uncover layers of shame, resistance, and beliefs that you can then release so you can step into a more powerful, authentic version of yourself.

That's what Viva La Vagina is all about. Are you ready to awaken your true power?

Join me in this powerful 4-week journey.

Courtney xx

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