Your Vagina Tells the Truth


Your vagina is THE most powerful barometer in your life.

If you are truly connected to your vagina, she is your source for pleasure, power, fulfillment, and intuition! You must honour her in order to experience this.

Do you know how to listen to her?

Here are ways to start hearing her messages... and as you tune into your vagina more and more, it will become second nature to let your vagina's intuition guide you!

1. Lubrication

If she's dripping wet, she is happy! She wants to be penetrated. She feels safe. She's excited!

If she's not dripping wet, it's a NO. No exceptions. Ever.

This applies in sex, love, AND life... pay attention to your pussy's lubrication when it comes to anything and everything. She's always telling you something. And commit to honouring it!

The more habitually you honour and trust your vagina, the more easily you can hear her messages because you won't be suppressing them!

2. Expansion or Contraction

If you feel your vagina becoming tight, tense, and/or contracted - that is an important message!

Tune into what this sensation feels like and what it indicates about your present situation, relationship, environment, or decision.

If you feel your vagina becoming relaxed, open, and/or aroused, she's saying YES!

3. Ask her

Ask your vagina how she feels about something. Close your eyes, place one hand on her, and one hand on your heart. Take a couple of deep breaths, ask her what you want to know, and see if you can "hear" anything.


If you are not deeply connected to your vagina, you are operating at a deficit as a woman. We all have the ability to tap into this power. Let me show you how!

In Viva La Vagina, I'll guide you through an in-depth process to so deeply connect with your vagina that you will hear her messages to you loud and clear!

And then you'll sing the wonders of the vagina with me forever onwards as you realize how much your life has changed from awakening the power of your yoni.

Courtney xx