Before My First G-Spot Orgasm

There are many aspects and practices that contribute to the awakening of the G-Spot and the rest of the inside of the vagina, so that women can begin experiencing internal orgasms that truly transform their life.

Part of this awakening process involves physically waking up the internal tissues, and un-earthing a lot of suppressed and stored emotions. With this, there are certain areas of the vagina that can be associated with particular emotions.

The G-spot is associated with fear and rage...

The time that I was self-pleasuring and focusing on awakening my g-spot BEFORE I experienced my first G-spot orgasm ever by myself, I was utilizing an approach and technique (that I now teach in Viva La Vagina) - and after about 30 minutes I was completely overcome with rage.

A big part of this process is properly expressing and breathing to release this tension and emotion.

Knowing this, and having experienced it many times before, I allowed this rage to flow through me by freely screaming and unapologetically expressing (in a safe, contained space).

This was one of the most liberating moments of release I've ever experienced.

And the following time I self-pleasured with a focus on my G-Spot, I experienced my first G-Spot orgasm ever.

Sounds pretty intense, right?

This is the sort of work we do in Viva La Vagina. It's intense in the most liberating, fulfilling, and transformative way.

Are you ready to join me?

Courtney xx