Why Crystal Dildos?

Using a crystal dildo changed my self-sex life.

And it changed my sex with partners too.

But why?

Let me begin by asking - 

What does your self-pleasure currently look like?

Is it fast and furious? 

Do you default to using your vibrator for multiple, quick clitoral orgasms?

Or maybe it's pretty non-existent at the moment?

That's all ok!

I'm not here to shame what your version of pleasure looks like!

But I do want to introduce you to the pleasurable possibilities...

Honestly - when I first used a crystal pleasure wand, I had no idea what I was doing.

Do I just thrust it in and out of me?

This is weird...

Maybe I'll just go back to using a vibrator...

But I persisted ;)

And quickly I found that my whole experience of pleasure changed!

My crystal wand helped me SLOW down and FEEL more.

It introduced me to the deep pleasure INSIDE my vagina.

It introduced me to some of the sexual shame I was holding on to in my body.

(The shame that using a vibrator for quick & easy stimulation allowed me to avoid feeling).

Above all - it encouraged me to start treating myself as my own lover.

My crystal pleasure wand makes me feel womanly, beautiful, and sensual.

It has turned my self-pleasure into a deeply self-loving practice that I now look forward to.

And it's made my masturbation much more meaningful than a simple routine to relieve stress.

It changed my relationship to my body, my heart, & my vagina.

And now I'm sharing this magic with YOU!

If you want to learn how I use my crystal dildo - watch this video.

And if you want to choose your own pleasure wand - click here.

Sending you love & pleasure!

Courtney xx

P.S. Have a question about which wand to choose, or how to use it?
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