5 Reasons to do the Yoni Egg Practice


The Yoni Egg practice is an ancient Taoist practice that women today are rediscovering the power of!

Although it has only recently resurfaced into the mainstream, it's been used for over 5000 years!

Ask any woman who has used her yoni egg with consistency, and she will undoubtedly rave about how powerful it is.

(If you have no idea what I'm talking about - watch my video on the Yoni Egg Practice here.)

There are SO many benefits of this practice - some of which do not become compelling until you actually experience them for yourself.

But today I want to share the 5 reasons why this practice has the power to change your (sex) life.

1. WAY better than Kegels

Most women have been taught the importance of kegels. But the reality is, kegels don't actually work. At least not the way most women do them.

Simply engaging your pelvic floor with nothing inside your vagina is quite frankly, pointless.

Weight lifters become stronger because they are lifting resistance.

In the same way, your yoni (vagina) needs to have resistance in order to get stronger.

Using a yoni egg inside your vagina is the key!

In addition to the weight of the egg, if you use a drilled egg (like I recommend), you can thread string through your egg and pull on the string as the egg is in your vagina.

This requires your vagina to become even stronger, because it must hold the egg in place as you apply resistance on the string. (Watch the how-to video here.)

2. Increase your pleasure!

The yoni egg practice not only strengthens your vagina, it helps to re-sensitize it.

It dramatically increases your vaginal awareness, and as a result you become much more sensitive to the subtle sensations inside your vagina.

Using a yoni egg will also enable you to engage your vagina around your partner's cock (or a dildo) - such that your partner experiences more pleasure, and so do you!

3. Experience INTERNAL VAGINAL orgasms!

Many women do not experience internal vaginal orgasms because 1) they are dissociated from their vagina, and/or 2) they have a weak vagina.

The yoni egg practice deeply connects you to your vagina, and thus any dissociation you're experiencing can be healed.

And if done properly (like I teach here), you can strengthen your vagina with this practice such that female ejaculation becomes easily possible for you. (Yes, every woman can squirt!)

4. Increase your libido!

One of the most noticeable benefits of this practice is increased arousal! Instantly.

This is one of the most effective ways to rev up your sexual energy and channel it into your sex life or your creative life.

It's also incredible for increasing your natural lubrication - largely due to the improved circulation in your vagina.

5. Manifest your dream life

When you rev up your sexual energy with the yoni egg practice, you can then channel that energy into your creative projects.

It's even better if you visualize what you want while you do the practice.

Sexual energy is powerful in allowing us to program our own subconscious to work in our favour.

Whether you want to embody the positive affirmations you have on your wall, manifest money, or your dream partner - the yoni egg practice will support your success!

If you are keen to learn more about this practice, make sure to watch my how-to video here.

As well, you can choose a high quality, drilled yoni egg here.

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