Fast Track to Body Confidence & Self-Love

There are many reasons why both women and men experience insecurities and negative feelings towards their bodies. 

I argue that one of the greatest factors is the disconnection individuals have from their bodies and from their pleasure.

It's hard to be satisfied and grateful for your body when you constantly view it through the lens of "the other." And it is easy to fall into this trap of viewing your own body as being solely in service of others' viewing or physical pleasure when you don't intentionally connect with and experience your body for yourself.

On the other hand, it's a lot easier to love & feel gratitude for your body when you experience it as a vehicle for pleasure and healing. In other words, when you regularly experience the pleasure and contentment that you can provide for yourself by connecting with your own body, your lens for viewing your body will become exponentially more grateful, loving, appreciative, and beautiful. 

Then, because you feel more beautiful, you are more beautiful.

I am in full support of women working to achieve a certain body or look that will allow them to feel more beautiful. I am also in full support of women loving themselves and feeling beautiful exactly as they are. The main point is that body confidence and love is a feeling, and you can cultivate that feeling by connecting with yourself in a way that promotes gratitude, pleasure, and joy.

Interestingly, we often have an easier time sticking to healthy practices that make us more attractive when we already feel attractive. So by connecting with your body, you'll promote an upwards cycle of positive behaviours and thoughts that enhance your body confidence and attractiveness.

But how do you really "connect" with yourself?

Let's start by thinking about the ways in which we would show love to someone we care about.

We spend quality time. We offer physical touch. We verbally affirm their existence, value, and importance. We make them a priority. We listen to them. We honour their wishes and needs. We take interest in them.

You can do the same things for yourself, and specifically your body.

I suggest connecting in these ways specifically with your vagina. As women, our connection to our own vagina is highly representative of our overall connection to self. 

In fact, disconnection from the vagina is hugely responsible for the overall disconnection we feel from our bodies and selves as a whole. Because we often carry the most shame and disconnection from this particular part of ourselves, connecting with the vagina can dramatically improve our connection to ourselves and remove barriers to greater self love with ease!

The 3 ways I most enjoy connecting with my own body include:

1. Taking the time on a regular basis to be still, ask what my vagina wants to tell me, listen, and honour it. "Talking to your vagina? That sounds weird..." - you say? Maybe so. And you may find that you can't hear anything she has to say at first. But the more time and intention you put towards this, the more you will be truly surprised and delighted by the powerful intuitive messages you can receive from her.

2. Self-massage. Massaging parts of my body and verbally affirming my love for them, especially the parts I sometimes struggle to view as being beautiful. For example, when I become fixated on my stomach fat, I massage this part of myself and express my love for it. This practice feels incredibly nourishing!

3. Physically taking care of my body. This includes exercise, what I put in and on my body, managing stress, and resting.

and one more because - of course I didn't forget...

4. SELF-PLEASURE & MASTURBATION! My favourite. Want to learn how to self-pleasure to experience the most body-love possible while ALSO opening the doors to deeper pleasure, orgasms, and personal growth? Start with my article: How to Self-Pleasure for Personal Transformation

So go forth and connect with thyself! - and experience the abundance of self-appreciation, confidence, and attractiveness that awaits you.

Share in the comments below the ways in which you most enjoy connecting with your body that enhance your confidence, gratitude, and beauty.

And if you're ready to take your connection to yourself to the next level, check out my 4-week journey for women, Viva La Vagina.