How to LOVE Your Vagina

I LOVE my vagina. 

Seriously, I do.

I'm not just talking about liking or appreciating my genitals.

I passionately love my vagina!

One of the most powerful aspects of your vagina or cock, is that the love you feel for it is proportionate to the love you feel for yourself on a deep level.

Your genitals are at the core of who you are.

Thus, your love & connection to them is a profound reflection of your connection to your true self.

Your relationship with your vagina or cock is MASSIVELY related to your inner & outer world.

I used to dislike my vagina.

I tried not to. I knew the importance of loving myself...

And I considered myself to be a confident, self-secure person.

But every time I looked at it, it reflected back to me all of the reasons I felt disempowered in who I was & in being a woman in general.

I finally decided to dive into my relationship with my vagina.

And it literally changed my life.

I'll be honest - I was always quite sexually free & confident.

But it became next level.

And my confidence, fulfillment, purpose, & intuition outside of the bedroom grew substantially as well!

Have you ever wanted to truly stop caring about what others think, and feel free to COMPLETELY be yourself?

Your vagina is the magic key.

I promise you will be blown away by the amount of personal baggage you can clear out just by consciously connecting to your genitals.

So in this video today, I'm revealing HOW TO LOVE YOUR VAGINA by sharing my journey to loving my pussy!

Courtney xx

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