The Best Times to do the Yoni Egg Practice

You've already heard me rave about the benefits of using Yoni Eggs...
(Missed it? Read this article or watch this video)

Now, I'm inviting you to make this practice a more frequent part of your life.

Personally, the yoni egg practice is something I do before anything important in my life.

I'm actually writing this blog for you right before I head out the door on a date! I did my yoni egg practice, and as usual my creative juices got flowing...

My yoni egg practice is an absolute priority in my life, because...


  • It puts me in touch with my true self (one of the benefits of awakening your connection to your pussy!)

  • Boosts my confidence

  • Improves my overall energy & liveliness

  • Improves my mood & perspective

  • Grounds & calms me

  • Provides that extra radiance that leads to even more success!

And it will do the exact same thing for you!

Here are some of the most ideal times to do the yoni egg practice...

1) Before a DATE! 

Get those pussy juices flowing as you boost your confidence, sense of self, libido, energy, and attractiveness by doing the yoni egg practice before you head out of the house.


Become focused, grounded, energized, and self-assured so you can conquer any important challenge.

3) Before anything CREATIVE

Rev up your creative life force energy and allow the ideas to flow! Learn more about the connection between your sexual energy & creativity in this video.


By doing the yoni egg practice, you'll become more receptive, heart-centered, and better able to communicate from a place of understanding, directness, & confidence.


Low mood, stagnancy, overwhelm, and feeling "stuck" can all be massively improved by doing the yoni egg practice. It's really difficult to feel stagnant or unhappy when your sexual energy is flowing! Don't believe me?

If you've followed me for a while then you know that depression has been part of my journey. And I'm not about making wild, unrealistic claims.

The yoni egg & other practices that increase the flow of sexual energy through my body have been huge for moving me through difficult times. 

The list could go on and on...

Yoni eggs are not a shallow fad.

They are becoming more and more popular because women everywhere are discovering the magic of connecting to their vagina and sexual energy in this way!

If you have yet to get started then head over to the online store to choose your own beautiful, high-quality yoni egg!

And to learn how to do the practice, watch this video.

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