G-Spot Bliss

Online Course for Women

EVERY woman has a G-Spot.

And EVERY woman can experience G-Spot Pleasure & Orgasms…

In this guide you’ll learn how to:

Awaken the G-Spot & Entire Vagina to Deep Pleasure.


Experience the Bliss of Internal Orgasms & Female Ejaculation.



I’m Courtney

And unlocking the pleasure & orgasmic potential of my G-Spot was a journey…

I spent countless hours exploring & learning until I finally experienced

G-Spot Bliss

I was starting to wonder if I was just “one of those women” who couldn’t have G-Spot Orgasms…

“Science” tried to tell me that there are some women who can orgasm vaginally, & others who are simply limited to clitoral orgasms.

Which felt completely disempowering to me.

While I’ve always enjoyed my clitoral orgasms, something in me wanted more…

So I began a deep quest to discover & awaken the inside of my vagina.

Over time, I discovered a mosaic of teachings & practices that helped me understand what is required to

Awaken the G-Spot.

These teachings are now part of what I share in my signature online course for women, Viva La Vagina.

But I have met so many women who are as keen as I was to discover G-Spot Orgasm & Female Ejaculation…

So I decided to create a specific, smaller guide JUST for the G-Spot.

What most people don’t understand about the G-Spot,

is that it is incredibly emotional.

Before I experienced my first G-Spot Orgasm, I spent SO much time releasing suppressed emotions, utilizing specific massage techniques, & opening up my whole body

I became my very own experiment.

And now I’m sharing the most effective yet non-intimidating methods that ACTUALLY work.

Because yes, EVERY woman can experience G-Spot Orgasms & Ejaculation!

In this guide you will learn how to:

  • awaken the ENTIRE inside of your vagina

  • release fear, rage, & shame

  • heal dissociation & disconnection from your vagina

  • ejaculate (squirt!)

  • sexually surrender

  • build & circulate sexual energy

  • & ignite NEW paths of pleasure!

By Awakening the G-Spot, you will not only awaken more pleasure…

You will awaken your sexual power.

Venus Wand

What’s inside?

  • 5 In-Depth Videos

  • EXACTLY how to awaken your own G-Spot

  • How to use Breath & Expression to circulate sexual energy & heal yourself

  • How to Experience G-Spot Orgasms for yourself

  • How to Ejaculate!

PLUS (Bonus!):

  • 15% off all products in the shop including our favourite G-Spot toy! The Venus Wand (BEST-SELLER)

  • 30% off my signature Online Course, Viva La Vagina (if you decide to go deeper & enrol at a later time)

  • Private Facebook Group Access (1:1 correspondence with Courtney)

Total Value: over $1299 USD

But for now I’m offering it for WAY less…

 the investment

One-time payment for lifetime access

only $129 USD

PLUS! Receive 15% off the Venus Wand

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Your G-Spot is SO ready for this!

I offer this GUARANTEE: If you complete the course & are unhappy with the outcome - I will refund your money completely.

This course will give you the exact tools & practices you need in order to experience G-Spot Bliss, Orgasm, & Ejaculation.


Q. Not sure if you should join this course or my signature course, Viva La Vagina?

I’d love to help you decide & support you in any way I can. Simply submit your concerns & a little information about yourself - and I’ll happily get back to you & make a recommendation. Submit your questions here.

Q. "I am feeling nervous about doing the course, what does that mean?"

Nervousness is to be expected. The depth of this material is new for most women, which is why it holds the potential to create such impact in your life. I have intentionally structured this course to guide you through the material in a non-intimidating, supportive way. In addition, you can reach out to me and the large community of women doing this work at any time. If you are feeling drawn to this work, trust your desires and take the plunge with me - I know you will reap the rewards beyond what you can imagine!

Q. "What if I don't like the course?"

I offer this GUARANTEE: If you complete the course & are unhappy with the outcome - I will refund your money completely. The catch: you have to actually DO the course! Because I know that when women do this work, the results come easy ;)

Q. "I am worried about the time commitment. Are the videos done live, or can I watch them whenever I want?"

The videos are pre-recorded, and you have permanent access to all of the content. You can do this course at any pace that is feasible for you.

Q. "I have been feeling ready to become more connected to my vagina & sexual power. Is this course for me?"


Q. "What about the products (pleasure wand & yoni egg)? Will I have to spend more money on those in order to complete the course?"

Using a g-spot wand is not essential. However, it does greatly enhance the process (since using your hands can get super tiring!), which is why we will give you a 15% off discount code to purchase our favourite g-spot wand - The Venus Wand. And any other products you like.

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