Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand Transcript

In this piece were going to talk about using your Rose Quartz Pleasure Wand

Position yourself so as you're laying down. Feel free to just place one hand on your heart and one hand on your yoni.

Close your eyes and take a few nice, slow, long, deep breaths just drop into your body 

One thing that can really help you to relax and drop into the body is to visualize drawing your breath so your inhale is felt deep into your belly.

Just start giving yourself that physical affection so that you can settle into the space and your body starts to open up.

At the same time be super mindful of your breath.

So right from the beginning of this practice to the end you're going to be taking super conscious deep breaths and become aware of when your breath may become a little bit shallow or faster at times.

When that happens just use that as an indication that it may be time to just slow back down and check back in with yourself.

Relax and then proceed with the practice again from this place of relaxation. As you progress to massaging your vulva, you can give attention to your inner thighs, your vulva, your inner your outer labia, and just give yourself attention all around your vagina before we proceed to massaging internally.

One thing I find super helpful is actually to just press into different pressure points around my pubic bone.

I find that that helps to really create a sense of softness and openness throughout my pelvis after doing this for a few minutes you can then place one hand on your yoni, close your eyes and simply ask her if she's ready for penetration.

If you feel that she says yes you can start to insert a couple of fingers inside your yoni and I often like to just hold my fingers there for a few moments close my eyes, take a couple of breaths and get used to the sensation of having internal stimulation.