Self-Yoni Massage

Online Course for Women

Learn to internally massage your yoni (vagina) to awaken WAY more pleasure & sensitivity…

and along the way, I’ll help you to:

Release Suppressed Emotions & Trauma,

Unlock Deep Internal Orgasms,

& Explore NEW Depths of Intimacy.



I’m Courtney

And it’s my absolute pleasure to introduce you to the practice that COMPLETELY changed my sexual relationship with myself & my lovers…

Self-Yoni Massage

This is THE practice every woman should have access to…

It is one of the KEY practices that I teach in my signature online course for women, Viva La Vagina.

And it’s so important that I created a separate, smaller guide JUST on yoni massage,

so that I could provide a specific, less-expensive option for women like you interested in

healing & awakening your vagina.

Self-Yoni Massage is a practice I use to connect to my body, my yoni (vagina), & my pleasure on a regular basis.

The benefits are endless (and honestly - always unfolding!)

I continue to explore & discover more about my vagina & pleasure EVERY time I do this practice.

Self-Yoni Massage is extremely powerful for:

  • healing pelvic & vaginal pain

  • healing dissociation from the vagina

  • releasing suppressed emotions & experiences

  • healing sexual & emotional trauma

  • awakening sensitivity

  • expanding orgasmic capacity

  • & igniting NEW paths of pleasure!

By learning how to consciously connect to & massage your yoni,

you will awaken more sexual pleasure

& discover the feminine power that lives within you.

Cervix Serpent

What’s inside?

  • 6 In-Depth Videos

  • 2 Deep Guided Meditations

  • EXACTLY how to perform a self-yoni massage

  • How to use Breath & Expression to circulate sexual energy & heal yourself

  • How to Awaken the G-Spot

  • How to Awaken the Cervix

PLUS (Bonus!):

  • Energetic Womb Clearing

  • 50% off our favourite yoni massage wand! The Cervix Serpent (BEST-SELLER)

  • 30% off my signature Online Course, Viva La Vagina (if you decide to go deeper & enrol at a later time)

  • Private Facebook Group Access (1:1 correspondence with Courtney)

Total Value: over $1499 USD

But for now I’m offering it for WAY less…

 the investment

One-time payment for lifetime access

only $129 USD

PLUS! Receive 50% off the Cervix Serpent

(our favourite & best selling Self-Yoni Massage Wand)


This practice will change your life.

I offer this GUARANTEE: If you complete the course & are unhappy with the outcome - I will refund your money completely.

I created this course to provide an alternative for women who just want to learn this single, transformative practice for a ridiculously low price.


Q. Not sure if you should join this course or my signature course, Viva La Vagina?

I’d love to help you decide & support you in any way I can. Simply submit your concerns & a little information about yourself - and I’ll happily get back to you & make a recommendation. Submit your questions here.

Q. "I am feeling nervous about doing the course, what does that mean?"

Nervousness is to be expected. The depth of this material is new for most women, which is why it holds the potential to create such impact in your life. I have intentionally structured this course to guide you through the material in a non-intimidating, supportive way. In addition, you can reach out to me and the large community of women doing this work at any time. If you are feeling drawn to this work, trust your desires and take the plunge with me - I know you will reap the rewards beyond what you can imagine!

Q. "What if I don't like the course?"

I offer this GUARANTEE: If you complete the course & are unhappy with the outcome - I will refund your money completely. The catch: you have to actually DO the course! Because I know that when women do this work, the results come easy ;)

Q. "I am worried about the time commitment. Are the videos done live, or can I watch them whenever I want?"

The videos are pre-recorded, and you have permanent access to all of the content. You can do this course at any pace that is feasible for you.

Q. "I have been feeling ready to become more connected to my vagina & sexual power. Is this course for me?"


Q. "What about the products (pleasure wand & yoni egg)? Will I have to spend more money on those in order to complete the course?"

Using a yoni massage wand is not essential. However, it does greatly enhance the practice, which is why we will give you a 50% off discount code to purchase our favourite yoni massage wand - The Cervix Serpent.

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