Viva La Vagina: For Men


e-course for men


Ready to become a sexually masterful man?

For men who seek...

sexual mastery

& the ultimate guide to female sexuality


Learn how to 

ignite female arousal,

awaken her true pleasure & orgasmic potential


become sexually masterful


guide to a woman's...






Master Your Sexual Presence

Improve Stamina


the investment

One-time payment for lifetime access

$249 USD

PLUS: Course members receive discounts in the shop for tools & toys

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  • Understand female arousal
  • Ultimate foreplay guide
  • What makes women sexually open & receptive
  • Why women sexually shut down
  • All about her lubrication
  • Rock hard erections


  • How to truly pleasure her
  • Master your sexual presence!
  • Improve your stamina
  • How to support women to heal from sexual trauma, awaken profound pleasure, & become more orgasmic
  • Why some women experience pain during sex
  • How to give a healing pussy massage


  • Every woman, every orgasm!
  • Internal vaginal orgasms - they exist, and how to take her there
  • Specific technique & positions
  • What she needs from you


Q. "Will this course improve my relationship?"

YES! This course will equip you with a deep understanding of women and female sexuality that will radically shift the way you relate with your partner, but also how you show up in life. For a turbo-charged relationship, I suggest that your partner enrols in the Women's Course

After only the first week of my four-week Women's Course, one woman shared: "It has opened up so many conversations between he and I, and we’ve been together 8.5 years and had sex thousands of times probably. But this is like new level... It’s a truly outstanding transformation...  it's like back in the beginning when we were first together and we couldn't get enough of each other." - Joni Edelman

Q. "I am worried about the time commitment. Are the videos done live, or can I watch them whenever I want?"

The videos are pre-recorded, and you have permanent access to all of the content.

Q. "Can you give me more information about the specific format of the course?"

You are provided with access to all 3 sections of the course (female arousal, pleasure, & orgasm) consecutively to encourage you to view the material in order - Arousal is released immediately, Pleasure is released one day later, and Orgasm is released 2 days after course purchase. Each section is comprised of specific videos and practices. This course is deep, comprehensive, and to-the-point - I give you exactly what you need to know and do.


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