Viva La Vagina!


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Unleashing female sexual power & pleasure


Experience the sexual freedom & fulfillment you desire

Do you have that feeling that there must be something more to sex than what you’re experiencing?

It may not be that your sex life is “bad”

But something tells you it could be so much better…

You’ve come to the right place.

I’m Courtney

and I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you to:

  • clear sexual blocks

  • awaken female sexual power

  • LOVE their vagina

  • Open to profound pleasure

  • Experience life-changing orgasms

  • And unleash the sexual goddess within!

Want to know my secret?

It’s in your VAGINA!

YES! Your relationship with your vagina is THE KEY to more:

Confidence, pleasure, sexual freedom, self-love, & FULFILLMENT in life!

My life COMPLETELY changed when I started connecting to the power of my vagina & sexual energy.

Your vagina is your SEXUAL CENTRE, and it's at the core of who you are.

If you are not DEEPLY connected to the power of your vagina & sexual energy,

then you are NOT experiencing your full potential as a woman!

Through your relationship with your vagina… all things are possible!


“This course was a breakthrough for a new life with self-love, deep acceptance and empowered me to discover what I really want in a relationship but also in life!

The course explained so well how to start discovering your body and vagina (which I was kind of scared of doing before). I want to mention I gave myself a vaginal orgasm which I was not even trying to do before (I was just expecting my partners to figure it out)!

AND the meditations are AMAZING!”
— Justine Gilodi, France


"I’ve been frustrated with my sexuality for a long time... I had unsatisfactory sex for many years and the lack of pleasure brought me a lot of shame, sadness and anger. I didn’t know what I wanted sexually... I was detached from my own vagina...  Nothing resonated with me, until the opportunity to learn from Courtney Davis through her online course, Viva La Vagina... 

Viva La Vagina is exactly what I needed to heal my sexual relationship with myself. Since working with the materials in the course, I’ve been more turned on, I’ve improved my ability to vocalize what I want to my partner and I feel more self confident in general... It’s so comforting to finally have a school of thought that actually works for me. I feel that the course is a basic education on the vagina and female sexuality that every woman needs to hear. The information and the way it’s delivered in Viva La Vagina has the power to change your life." (Read the rest of Jennifer Pynn's testimonial here).

- Jennifer Pynn, Brisbane


program overview


 Week 1 - Foundation

  • Learning to LOVE your vagina

  • Identify & Clear Sexual Blocks

  • Up-level your Self-Honouring & Boundaries

  • Life Lubrication (Letting your vagina guide you in life, love, & sex)

  • Honouring your vagina as your truth

  • The secret to being WET all the time!

Week 2 - Awaken Your Power

  • Heal & Awaken Your Vagina (Energetically, Physically, & Spiritually)

  • The magic of going inside

  • Awakening the G-Spot

  • Awakening the Cervix to Pleasure!

  • Self-Yoni Massage (& how to heal pussy pain)

  • Womb-Healing

Week 3 - Ultimate Pleasure Guide

  • Self-Pleasure Secrets

  • G-Spot Orgasms & Female Ejaculation

  • Cervical Orgasms

  • Throat-Vagina Connection

  • Internal Vaginal Orgasms!

  • Tools, Techniques, & Toys!

Week 4 - Holistic Vagina Self-Care

  • The Jade Yoni Egg Practice (Ancient Taoist Secret to Feminine Sexual Power!)

  • Breast-Heart Connection

  • Breast Massage

  • Holistic Yoni Care Practices

  • Working with Your Menstrual Cycle

  • Natural Hormone Healing

- Rosie Rees (Sex & Relationship Expert)

"I have loved going through this content. I think for me one of the most valuable things I learned was the connection between our vagina and how that is reflected in our physical reality. I love knowing that the more I learn to open and soften my vagina, the more open I become towards life. This is a brilliant cognition! I especially loved the video on lubrication and how it's an indicator of a 'yes' not only in bed but in life. This has been a very rewarding class and now my boyfriend wants to take the men's course. Thanks so much Courtney for all your hard work and dedication to this class!"

- Tanya Irina, Miami

“This course is the best act of self-care I’ve engaged in in a long time.”
— Joni Edelman, California (Editor in Chief of Ravishly Magazine)

 the investment

One-time payment for lifetime access

$497 USD

PLUS! Course members receive discounts in the shop for crystal pleasure wands & yoni eggs

and 50% off the Men's Course!

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Q. "Will this course improve my relationship?"

YES! The transformation that occurs on a personal level in this course inevitably radiates into your relationship. You can expect this course to take you on a journey that will inspire huge shifts in you and your partner's sexual & emotional connection, relational fulfillment, and intimacy. You are propelling yourself into a new level of being through this work, and you can expect that your relationship will be elevated as well.

After only the first week of content, one woman shared: "It has opened up so many conversations between he and I, and we’ve been together 8.5 years and had sex thousands of times probably. But this is like new level, and we have talked and talked. Not only is that arousing, but our relationship feels closer. It’s a truly outstanding transformation...  it's like back in the beginning when we were first together and we couldn't get enough of each other." - Joni Edelman

Q. "I am worried about the time commitment. Are the videos done live, or can I watch them whenever I want?"

The videos are pre-recorded, and you have permanent access to all of the content. You can do this course on the 4-week timeline, or you can do it at a pace that is more feasible for you.

Q. "Can you give me more information about the specific format of the course?"

You are provided with access to Week 1 as soon as you register. The following weeks are released to you sequentially. Each week is composed of 4-6 high-quality videos, a variety of reflections to take you deeper, guided visualizations and meditations, and specific practices & exercises - all woven together to take you on a real journey into the depths of your relationship with your vagina, your sexuality, and who you are as a woman.

Q. "I have been feeling ready to become more connected to my vagina & sexual power. Is this course for me?"


Q. "I am feeling nervous about doing the course, what does that mean?"

Nervousness is to be expected. The depth of this material is new for most women, which is why it holds the potential to create such impact in your life. I have intentionally structured this course to guide you through the material in a non-intimidating, supportive way. In addition, you can reach out to me and the large community of women doing this work at any time. If you are feeling drawn to this work, trust your desires and take the plunge with me - I know you will reap the rewards beyond what you can imagine!

Q. "What if I don't like the course?"

I offer this GUARANTEE: If you complete the entire course & are unhappy with the outcome - I will refund your money completely. The catch: you have to actually DO the course! Because I know that when women do this work, the results come easy ;)

Q. I have other questions…

No problem. Ask away here.

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