Why Sexuality?

To many people, sex and sexuality is only one small aspect of life that they engage with when they "feel like it."

To me, sexuality is at the essence of who we are, and it holds enormous transformative power. When we unleash our sexuality, we unleash our deepest self. 

Shame, fear, or disconnection from our sexuality ultimately shows up in the rest of our lives. While many people compartmentalize sex from their purpose, creativity, and fulfillment in life, these things are actually inseparable. 

Experiences that seem only relevant to "the bedroom" actually teach us a lot about ourselves. For example, the ease or difficulty with which we orgasm and feel pleasure can teach us a lot about our openness to life, how much we trust ourselves or another, and whether we feel the need to control life rather than trust and surrender to it.

Beliefs we hold about our own sexuality often relate to beliefs we hold about ourselves or some other area in life, and in this sense the exploration of sexuality is the exploration of self. On the same note, if we are avoiding some aspect of our sexuality, this can also be an indication of ways we are not fully showing up in life.

If we allow it to be, sexuality is a path of rapid growth and self discovery. As we reach greater sexual depths, we are simultaneously unlocking more of our potential and purpose.

In essence, inhabiting our true sexual nature is about inhabiting our deep and powerful selves.