Women's Circle

The next WOMEN'S CIRCLE & PLEASURE EDUCATION evening: https://www.facebook.com/events/314979339081552/

A monthly gathering hosted by Courtney with the intention of sparking meaningful and authentic conversations, connections, and growth among women.

The Women’s Circle is an intentional gathering of women that Courtney began leading in February 2016.

First and foremost, it is a gathering that you get to look forward to and enjoy! It’s not designed to be another task or event to check off, it’s designed for you!

The intention of the Circle is to hold a space to connect and experience a supportive community of women that embrace the values of authenticity, transparency, growth, and love.

It is an intentional time and place to share, and to be seen and heard in a safe and respectful space. There are no expectations on you except the ones you place on yourself. You are welcome to share and contribute as much or little as you like!

Each gathering is made up of questions that inspire introspection and self-reflection, usually involving topics or issues affecting us as women and individuals. Confidentiality, non-judgment, and respectful listening are inherent values of the Circle.

This Women’s Circle is for you if you are seeking…

  • a community where you can be accepted and understood for exactly who you are

  • deep and meaningful relationships

  • a safe space to let down your walls and be truly seen

  • intentional time to connect with yourself and others

  • nourishing connection and a sense of belonging

  • to share and gain wisdom in the areas of self-love and sexuality

The Women’s Circle is an open and safe space, and we would love to have you! If you would like to know more or are interested in participating, please contact me.

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  • Drop-in investment: FREE or $20 (depending on the event)

  • Location: Calgary, Alberta

  • For more details, such as the specific location and payment options, contact me.

  • Upcoming dates: November 10, 2018

The next WOMEN'S CIRCLE & PLEASURE EDUCATION evening is below: