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The Empowered Woman was launched in 2018 by Courtney Davis to support the sexual & spiritual awakening of women world-wide.


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“Your teachings have elevated my self-pleasure to a sacred act. One that I perform in ritual, at least twice a week now. The wands in particular, especially the Cervix Serpent, has been amazing in helping me release tension. And all kinds of stuck negative emotions from my pelvic region, that I didn't even know I was holding there. As a result, I am more open. My vagina's more open, it is softer, it is juicier. It has awakened me sexually, in a way that I feel very fulfilled and very proud of.”

-Tanya Irina, Miami


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“Over the years I have tried tips, tricks, toys, porn, erotica, affirmations and more. Nothing resonated with me, until the opportunity to learn from Courtney Davis through her online course, Viva La Vagina.

Viva La Vagina is exactly what I needed to heal my sexual relationship with myself. Since working with the materials in the course, I’ve been more turned on, I’ve improved my ability to vocalize what I want to my partner and I feel more self confident in general.”
— Jennifer Pynn, Brisbane

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“Working with Courtney Davis has changed my life. Courtney showed me how to connect to my body and my yoni. I was not touching myself lovingly, I was only masturbating for the orgasm. Now, I know there is a distinct difference...

Courtney is on the leading edge of thought. She has a firm grip on understanding the correlation between the spiritual & physical, and is capable of navigating others through the course of personal discovery.”
— Tara Sue Sharp, Boston

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