Awaken by Gazing at your Vagina

Courtney Davis, creatrix of the Viva la Vagina online training, had an awakening through looking at her own vagina. 

She had thought she was fully sexually empowered because she was able to "Fu*k like a man", i.e. she could have non-emotional sexual encounters without attachment to the other person. However, one day when she was invited to gaze at her "yoni" (tantric word for the vagina), all of that changed. 

She realized that she had been modeling an externally-generated empowerment, a style she had learned from society, and actually been completely overriding the wisdom of her own body.

In this podcast, Courtney will share with you:

~ The difference between external sexual empowerment and internal sexual empowerment.

~ How yoni gazing can shift your sexuality.

~ How self-pleasure can become a path of self-knowledge and self-growth.

~ Why it is important for us to learn about our own sexuality before we seek out partners.

~ The difference between clitoral orgasms, and deeper more energetic orgasms.

~ How internal energy orgasms can lead to emotional release.

~ How your sexual empowerment can alter limiting beliefs in the rest of your life.

~ Why this shift in sexuality can take sex from the physical realm to a more spiritual and profound realm.

And I would like to add that this podcast episode is not only for women! It is also great for men to hear about how a woman can deepen her sexual experience, and learn more about the female sexual mysteries!

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