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Working with Courtney Davis has changed my life. After birthing my son at home I realized that I wasn’t in touch with my body. I had turned the spiritual into physical in my own body to grow children. Now I wanted to really take my womb for a spin! I intended to get more fulfilling and internal orgasms however I gained much more.

Courtney showed me how to connect to my body and my yoni. I was not touching myself lovingly, I was only masturbating for the orgasm. Now, I know there is a distinct difference.

Since starting with Courtney I have had stronger orgasms. The most groundbreaking thing for me though is I now ask people/partners for more of what I need and I feel no shame in getting it. Game changing shit.

Courtney Davis is on the leading edge of thought. She has helped me in understanding what I am truly seeking. I felt intuitively that manifestation and sex were related. I am so grateful for my path leading to Courtney. She has a firm grip on understanding the correlation between those two (spiritual/physical) and is capable of navigating others through the course of personal discovery. It is my pleasure to work with her.
— Tara Sue Sharp, Boston

“Courtney, you are a gift, you have such intuitive understanding & knowledge in this field. And this work is so much more than just sexual or sensual, you are helping women to feel & be free in their souls, their lives, and their purpose. So much gratitude!”
— Aysha Bon, New Zealand

“[Viva La Vagina Online Course] was a breakthrough for a new life with self-love, deep acceptance and empowered me to discover what I really want in a relationship but also in life!

The course explained so well how to start discovering your body and vagina (which I was kind of scared of doing before). I want to mention I gave myself a vaginal orgasm which I was not even trying to do before (I was just expecting my partners to figure it out)!

AND the meditations are AMAZING!”
— Justine Gilodi, France

“[In Viva La Vagina] Courtney really breaks things down into bite-size practices any woman can do. I’m really impressed with how she’s set this course up & the way she delivers the content - and I recommend it to a lot of the women that I work with as well.”
— Rosie Rees, Perth (Sex & Relationship Expert)

This course is the best act of self-care I’ve engaged in in a long time.

[Viva La Vagina] has opened up so many conversations between [my partner] and I, and we’ve been together 8.5 years and had sex thousands of times probably. But this is like new level, and we have talked and talked. Not only is that arousing, but our relationship feels closer. It’s a truly outstanding transformation...  it’s like back in the beginning when we were first together and we couldn’t get enough of each other.
— Joni Edelman, California (Editor in Chief of Ravishly Magazine)

Courtney Davis is rocking her ventures in coaching and hosting circles through a deep connection with her intuition and heart as the guiding mechanism behind her actions. I can see it in the way she shows up for herself and people in her life; she is able to hold space through the energetic embodiment and maintenance of caring support, lightheartedness, and a level of dedication to her mission that is rare to come across. 

She has held space for me in times when my connection to my truth has felt distorted, and in a session with Courtney, usually involving a cathartic breakthrough, I am able to come out the other side feeling much more connected and at ease with myself, my current direction, and intention. I feel truly blessed to have Courtney in my life continuously encouraging me to step into my vision of self growth and how that fits in to the bigger picture.
— Zoe Richardson, Calgary

I have loved going through [the Viva La Vagina Online Course] content. One of the most valuable things I learned was the connection between our vagina and how that is reflected in our physical reality. I love knowing that the more I learn to open and soften my vagina, the more open I become towards life. This is a brilliant cognition! I especially loved the video on lubrication and how it’s an indicator of a ‘yes’ not only in bed but in life. This has been a very rewarding class and now my boyfriend wants to take the men’s course. Thanks so much Courtney for all your hard work and dedication to this class!
— Tanya Irina, Miami


“Your teachings have elevated my self-pleasure to a sacred act. One that I perform in ritual, at least twice a week now. The wands in particular, especially the Cervix Serpent, has been amazing in helping me release tension. And all kinds of stuck negative emotions from my pelvic region, that I didn't even know I was holding there. As a result, I am more open. My vagina's more open, it is softer, it is juicier. It has awakened me sexually, in a way that I feel very fulfilled and very proud of.”

- Tanya Irina, Miami


I’ve been frustrated with my sexuality for a long time... I had unsatisfactory sex for many years and the lack of pleasure brought me a lot of shame, sadness and anger. I didn’t know what I wanted sexually, even after exploring, and I found it very difficult to advocate for my sexual needs. I was detached from my own vagina, I thought it was ugly and I suppressed my period with hormones for years. I also suffered from incontinence and weak pelvic floor that made it difficult for me to recover from a car accident. I knew I had to do something to heal this area of my life, and over the years I have tried tips, tricks, toys, porn, erotica, affirmations and more. 

Nothing resonated with me, until the opportunity to learn from Courtney Davis through her online course, Viva La Vagina. 

Viva La Vagina is exactly what I needed to heal my sexual relationship with myself. Since working with the materials in the course, I’ve been more turned on, I’ve improved my ability to vocalize what I want to my partner and I feel more self confident in general. I feel I have the tools I need to continue with my sexual journey and the framework to improve.

Courtney Davis has a great ability to articulate the concepts and techniques simply that I was able to understand exactly what she was talking about, even though I’m a visual learner. Her confident, practical and encouraging coaching style is what helped me to grow sexually. 

It’s so comforting to finally have a school of thought that actually works for me. I feel that the course is a basic education on the vagina and female sexuality that every woman needs to hear.

The information and the way it’s delivered in Viva La Vagina has the power to change your life.
— Jennifer Pynn, Brisbane

Huge shoutout to the fiercely beautiful, empowering lady Courtney Davis, for holding space for a group of us women to gather and share AUTHENTICITY, VULNERABILITY, and general real talk tonight. Girl, you really know how to set the tone for a very special evening of deep, nourishing, connection. You’re amazing.
Thank you. Thank you. And thank you to all of the amazing women who took part in the circle this evening. I love you all.
So excited for all the women’s circles to come.
— Elysha Rea, Calgary

I have been attending the Women’s Circle since its first iteration back in February 2016. I have had the privilege of experiencing its growth and evolution over the past few years first hand. Courtney does a fantastic job not only of asking extremely engaging and thought provoking questions but also creating a space where the attendees feel comfortable in their vulnerability. Every time I attend a Women’s Circle, I leave feeling lighter, happier, and connected with my femininity. The Circle is a simple concept, but it has a profound impact.
— Morgan Hadden, Calgary



[The Clear Quartz Pleasure Wand] assisted me into having an energetic orgasm that expanded me so high I find it hard to describe in words.

Each time I use it, I feel so much balance come back to my yoni, more pleasure, and deeper connection to my body.

It has helped my body open to more juiciness, love, and honor to my vagina.

I love that I’m not putting plastic, chemicals, or rubber inside of me. Instead, high frequency vibrations are penetrating me!
— Yulia Rose Magdalene, Global Tantric Practitioner