Meet Courtney



I’m Courtney, and I'm an outspoken lover and educator of all-things-vagina & female sexuality.

Most importantly, I'm here to awaken you to your true sexual potential!

My offerings include a 4-Week Transformational Online Course for Women (Viva La Vagina) in which I guide women home to the power of their pussy, Viva La Vagina: For Men which is the ultimate guide to female sexuality for men, a Crystal Pleasure Shop,  1:1 Coaching, and the Women’s Circle.

What makes my teachings on sexuality unique?

I use sexuality as a channel for  awakening and actualizing your potential. Through sexuality, I will evolve you into your most authentic, purposeful, fulfilled self - so that you can fully give your gifts to the world. And of course, so that you can experience life-changing, deeply fulfilling pleasure and intimacy!

My all-encompassing passion is sexuality, but I've also completed a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (University of Calgary), and am currently pursuing a Masters in Integrated Wellness Coaching (Saybrook University, San Francisco, CA). This degree is recognized by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaching (ICHWC).

I am also a certified yoga instructor and am tirelessly devoted to the pursuit of personal transformation, sexuality, spirituality, holistic health and nutrition, relationships, leadership, communication, and ecstatic dance.

Last but not least, I have a rebellious nature that is most obviously seen in my frequent nudism, bold questions, and blunt honesty.

In the blog section of this site you can find entries on the topics of Self Love, Self Expression, Relationships, Sexuality, Spirituality, Mental Health, and other intriguing themes as they emerge.

P.S. Most of the beautiful photography on this site is by Elysha Rea. Find her here: www.elysharea.love