Cervical Awakening

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Are you ready to open the mystical portal of life-changing pleasure & orgasms?

You’ve come to the right place…

This is not only a journey of pleasure, it’s a journey of self-discovery and awakening.

Before you begin, be sure to join our Private Facebook Group. Share your intentions & progress with the amazing community of women doing this work - as it will help you to integrate your own journey AND it will support the learning of others.

This mini-guide is a taste of our Signature Online Course for Women, Viva La Vagina. To access the full course you can use the code EMPOWEREDYONI for 30% off! Browse the course details here.

Lastly - the toys we recommend to support the practices of internal massage & cervical stimulation include the Cervix Serpent & Crystal Pleasure Wands. These are available in the pleasure shop - and you can purchase them for 15% off using the code VAGINAPERKS!


Going Inside

In this video I discuss the magic of exploring inside the vagina and why it's so important.

This is a process of slowly unlocking yourself. Adopt a mindset of discovery and patience.

Breath & Expression

The importance of expressing emotion, specifically through making sounds. How to use deep breathing to circulate your sexual energy and intensify your orgasms. Using your breath as a barometer.

Practice: Self-Yoni Massage

Healing and awakening the vagina by intuitively touching, massaging, feeling, and releasing.

Commit to doing this practice 3 times this week, for a bare minimum of 15 minutes each time. This is an ongoing practice, and the more time you spend here, the more you will notice the transformational effects! 

The best tool for internal yoni massage is a curved, non-vibrating toy made of glass, stainless steel, or crystal/stone. I've brought the Cervix Serpent into the shop as it is my absolute favourite for self-yoni massage.


  1. Whole body massage (especially pelvis, belly, & thighs)

  2. Massaging the vulva

  3. Internal massage (working your way up & around the entire inside)

  4. Remember to breathe deep & make a sound on every exhale

  5. Express gratitude to your yoni when you complete the practice

Awakening the Cervix

Understanding the cervix in its capacity for pleasure, intuitive guidance, inner truth, and profound heart connection.

When massaging the cervix, I suggest using a crystal pleasure wand or the round spherical end of the Cervix Serpent. Begin gently.

Cervical Orgasms

Cosmic orgasms revealed! Understanding the Cervix-Heart connection and how to experience the orgasms that change your life.

Recommended toy: Thick-style pleasure wands

BONUS: Breast Massage

Breast-heart connection, breast health, and breast massage.

My absolute favourite breast massage oil is by Living Libations, you can purchase it here.


Share your experience of self-yoni massage, cervical exploration & pleasure in our Private Facebook Group. What has been most challenging about it? What did you learn about yourself and your yoni?

Use this as an opportunity to ask any questions you have so far - and receive support from all of us.

Courtney xx

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