Values & Polarity

Values & Polarity (Video Summary)


  • Show up with the same level of commitment and devotion in ALL relationships

  • Do you keep your commitments?

  • Do you speak with accountability? (i.e. do you take responsibility for the outcomes in your life, or do you blame others?)


  • Are you living your purpose?

  • Self-awareness & knowing your mission in life

  • Commitment to your purpose inspires sexual surrender


  • Develop authentic confidence by living with integrity and being committed to your purpose

  • Stoicism: being non-reactive to your environment and emotions - choose your reactions

  • Develop stoicism through self-awareness & mindfulness practices (i.e. meditation & exercise)

  • Stoicism is attractive to women as it indicates your ability to remain steady for her


  • The more you assume a leadership role, the more easily she will surrender to you

  • Female arousal is about trust and your ability to help her feel safe & seen

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