Why Crystal Dildos?


Using a crystal dildo changed my solo-sex life.

And it changed my sex with partners too.


Because it fundamentally changed the way I relate to my own body.

Years ago, my self-pleasure used to look a lot like most people’s does today:

Fast and furious. Goal-oriented. Focused on orgasm. Focused on the clitoris. Addicted to my vibrator. Hoping to relieve stress or get a quick hit of peak pleasure & release.

Far from “making love.”

But making love is the exact way I’d describe my self-pleasure now. I make love to myself. I seduce myself, spend time with myself, and caress my entire body.

Using a crystal pleasure wand caused me to SLOW DOWN and become present with myself. To honour my body & touch myself with intention. It taught me how to be my own lover…

About the same time that I started self-pleasuring in a slow, present, intentional way - in which I removed the goal of orgasm and focused on spending quality time with myself - my body confidence & self-love grew immensely!

Coincidence? Definitely not!

This work has proven to me over & over that a HUGE reason women struggle to love & accept their body, to feel sexually free & fulfilled, and to OWN their power in this world - is because they are disconnected from their body & vagina.

Consciously connecting to your vagina & your body in a loving, pleasurable way is one of the most POWERFUL ways to cultivate deep self-love that shifts how you show up in the world - and allows for the profound pleasure & orgasms we all crave.

So, why is a crystal dildo necessary to achieve this?

It isn’t. You can start pleasuring yourself in a slow, relaxed, intentional way any time you want.

But here is why a crystal pleasure wand helps:

(And why so many women are turning to crystal pleasure wands instead of silicone sex toys…)

1. It’s NON-vibrating (…SLOW PLEASURE)

When you stop relying on vibrators for pleasure, you will fundamentally change the way you experience sex - for the better!

I love a good vibrator as much as the next woman - but the truth is that they de-sensitize us. Not only does repetitive vibrator use make it more difficult to experience satisfying pleasure with a partner (a tongue, finger, or cock just can’t compete…), but the intense stimulation of vibrators allow you to BYPASS your emotions & subtle sensations.

When you actually slow down, relax your body (rather than compulsively tensing it), breathe deeply, and tune into the subtle sensations of simple human touch or a non-vibrating wand, you open up a WORLD of possibilities!

When you first use a non-vibrating toy for the first time - I’m going to be honest… you may uncover a lot of suppressed emotions & feelings. When you finally SLOW DOWN and experience subtle pleasure, you start feeling all of the things that you were able to bypass before. Slow pleasure allows you to truly open up.

The first few times I self-pleasured in a really slow, intentional way - I cried. And later, as I gave myself more permission to feel deeply & express myself - I screamed.

I still do! This is what makes self-pleasure & sex so healing - when you can allow it to be your sanctuary. Your space to let go & release all of the things you’ve been holding on to.

2. It feels like art

Using a crystal pleasure wand makes you feel like a queen. Using an object that is stunningly beautiful & precious sets the stage for self-pleasure to be more deeply self-honouring & sacred.

This can be huge for helping women to heal sexual shame around masturbation, because they start to view their self-pleasure as being beautiful & ritualistic as opposed to shameful, dirty, & taboo.

3. Internal stimulation

Until women use a wand that is designed for internal stimulation, they will typically continue relying on clitoral stimulation & orgasms as the end-game. But the clitoris is just the beginning!

Using a crystal pleasure wand was the push I needed to start awakening & discovering the pleasure & power INSIDE my vagina. And I’ve never looked back…

Every woman can experience life-changing, internal vaginal orgasms - including YOU! But if you’re not willing to go inside, you’ll never get there.

4. High vibration

You already enjoy crystal healing properties & vibrations (i.e. you decorate your space with crystals) because it feels good, right?? So why would you NOT want to use a gorgeous crystal wand inside your yoni??

Honestly, I was on the fence about crystal vibrations UNTIL I started using crystal pleasure wands.

I’ve used my fair share of sex toys - and I can say without a doubt that I FEEL the difference when I use my crystal dildos.

I’ll be honest, when I first used a crystal pleasure wand, I had no idea what I was doing…

Do I just thrust it in and out of me?

This is weird...

Maybe I'll just go back to using a vibrator...

But I persisted ;)

And quickly I found that my whole experience of pleasure changed!

My crystal wand helped me SLOW down and FEEL more.
It introduced me to the deep pleasure INSIDE my vagina.

It introduced me to some of the sexual shame I was holding on to in my body.

(The shame that using a vibrator for quick & easy stimulation allowed me to avoid feeling).

Above all - it encouraged me to start treating myself as my own lover.

My crystal pleasure wand makes me feel womanly, beautiful, and sensual.

It has turned my self-pleasure into a deeply self-loving practice that I now look forward to.

And it's made my masturbation much more meaningful than a simple routine to relieve stress.

It changed my relationship to my body, my heart, & my vagina.

And now I'm sharing this magic with YOU!

If you want to learn how I use my crystal dildo - watch the video below.

And if you want to choose your own pleasure wand - click here.

Sending you love & pleasure!

Courtney xx