The Venus Wand

The Venus Wand


Our ALL TIME FAVOURITE WAND for G-Spot Pleasure!


  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel BODY SAFE curved wand

  • Comes with silk-lined box for safe-keeping

  • Long in size (7.5in) for ease of use, no need to awkwardly angle your hands and wrists to hit the right spot!

  • Heavier stainless steel (1.5lbs) means you can apply more pressure for a deeply penetrating experience (if you desire) with less effort

  • Two different sizes of spherical ends for more specific or broad sensation

  • Perfect, highly-accentuated curvature & proportion

  • Ideal for prostate massage

  • This is the wand that will help you reach new depths of pleasure & ecstatic female ejaculation

  • Ships globally from Calgary, Canada

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  • G-Spot how-to videos can be found here on our Youtube Channel

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