Black Obsidian Pleasure Wand

Black Obsidian Pleasure Wand

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  • 1 x Black Obsidian Pleasure Wand

  • SLIM style: 17cm x 2.5cm x 1.5cm, slightly tapered

  • TRADITIONAL style: 17cm long x 4cm at thick end, x 2cm at thin end

  • Velvet satchel for safe keeping

  • Discrete packaging

  • Express post with tracking number within Canada

  • Registered post with tracking number for all International orders

  • Ships globally from Calgary, Canada

Crystal properties & more info on how to use can be found by scrolling all the way down on this page.

To learn more about how to use your wand, awakening your vagina, and expanding your pleasure, join our online course Viva La Vagina here.

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- Removing trauma
- Clears negative energy
- Psychic protection
- Protection from negativity
- Locate blockages in Aura
- Balances base chakra (root chakra)
- Have in a workplace to remove and clear stress
- Releases resentment from others and fear
- Stimulates the gift of prophecy
- Removes negative attachments that have built up in your aura
- Removes emotional blockages


Pleasure wands help you to slow down, connect, and experience self-pleasure like making love to yourself. Open up your body to more juiciness, pleasure, love, and fulfillment by trading in your vibrator for a pleasure wand.

The beauty and smoothness of pleasure wands evoke deep sensuality, femininity, and devotion from within. Using a wand inside your yoni allows for deep self-connection by slowing down and honouring your body & vagina.

By holding a loving intention as you use the wand, you will experience how your self-pleasure can transform & awaken you!

In addition to the crystal healing properties of each wand, you can trust that by using a pleasure wand, you are using a body-safe toy that will not leech harmful chemicals into your yoni (as is the case with many sex toys on the market!).


The Pleasure Wand is designed to internally sensually massage the yoni (vagina).

Try using your wand in the following ways:

  • use for solo or partner play
  • slowly move the wand in & out of your yoni, bringing your awareness to the subtle sensations you experience as you do this
  • gently massage the cervix with light pressure & deep breathing
  • angle the wand to stimulate your g-spot for pleasure (best to do this with curved pleasure wands)
  • massage your belly & inner thighs with the wand (this can be very pleasurable!)
  • play with temperature by running your wand under hot or cold water first (careful not to drop it in the sink!)
  • watch this video
  • hold your wand to your heart, visualize infusing it with a loving intention - then insert the wand into your yoni and visualize that intention radiating into your yoni & womb

To learn more about self-pleasure, using crystal pleasure wands, and awakening the vagina & your pleasure, take the 4-week online journey - Viva La Vagina